Questions: Write a c program to input base and height of a triangle and find area of the given triangle. How to find the area of a triangle in c program. C program to find the area of a given base and height. Logic to find area of a triangle in c program.

  Area of the triangle

Area of the triangle is given by the formula A = hb/2 , where b is base and h is height of the triangle.

Required knowledge & Programming Software 

Arithmetic operator 
Variables and expression
Data types 
Basic input/output
Dev C++ /Turbo C++ 

Logic to find area of triangle 

Steps for finding area of a triangle were discussed below: 
 Input base of the triangle say “b” and store in some variable say “base”.
 Input height of the triangle say “h” and store in some variable say “height”.
Use the formula for calculating area of the triangle, area = (base * height) / 2
 Print the resultant area of the triangle.


Program to find area of triangle

#include <stdio.h>
float base, height, area;
  /* Input base and height of triangle */
  printf("Enter base of the triangle: ");
  scanf("%f", &base);
  printf("Enter height of the triangle: ");
  scanf("%f", &height);
  /* Calculate area of triangle */
  area = (base * height) / 2;
  /* Print the resultant area */
  printf("Area of the triangle = %.2f sq. units", area);


Enter the base of the triangle: 5
Enter height of the triangle: 6
 Area of the triangle = 15 sq. units 


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